Adopting Open Source
There are thousands of impressive Open Source Software projects in the wild. It can be very difficult to adopt one for yourself if you have not clearly defined your goals. Even so, there's no guarantee you will find an absolute match.

In my case with, I was looking for a simple, web interface that would allow me to publish articles rapidly. I was also looking for a small code base that was easy to follow and possibly contribute to. I was also keen on learning more about SimpleXML ... it's wicked-fast. And to top it all off, a small but active community was also in order.

Much to my dismay, I found a project about 8 weeks ago that satisfies my entire wish-list above! If you have similar needs then ... you absolutely must take Nibble Blog for a spin.

Nibble Blog is a young, small and extremely fast Blog application written in PHP5 by Diego Najar, a Computer Science major located in Argentina. He has done a terrific job of engineering this application and building it out to Version 2.

You can test drive the Nibble Blog v2 Demo here. You can get the Code here and ... you can find help in the Forum here. Of course, you also stay tuned with me here on Betaverse ... I will keep you posted on my new pet project.

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